The Evolution of Social Networks

Some of you may have read my post about the end of Windows Live Messenger. This got me to thinking of how Social Networks have evolved over recent years. Bebo, MySpace, LinkedIn, Tagged, Google+, Facebook, Twitter… They are just a few of the social networks we all know of. Some have come-and-gone and some are holding their place within the market. But what is going to be the next innovation? Although Twitter was launched before Facebook, it did not grab its spot in the limelight until after Facebook grew to become so huge. My question is – what is next? Are we actually going to have a social network that keeps on top of the innovations or are the current social networks going to be stuck in the same loop in which its predecessors are trapped – just another has-been?

I personally am excited to see what the current or future social networks are going to have to offer that we don’t already have. Maybe some of you already have plans of the next big thing? Maybe I’m being ignorant and the next big thing is in fact already launched and growing as I type this. I guess in this case, it is just a case of waiting to see what the future brings us.