No room in the market for more Web Developers?

Ever since I was young, I have really enjoyed creating websites. I know there is no chance of me going professional yet since my knowledge is still lacking. I know HTML, CSS and some JavaScript/PHP. Recently, I’ve been looking into learning more and moving onto AJAX and the likes to help me with my future goals. However, after looking around for Web Development jobs (purely out of curiousity), it seems that so many people make this career choice! Is it because it’s easy? Is it because it is well-paid? Or maybe it’s because the future is based around computers and websites, well.. they’re inevitably everywhere!

I was peaking to a friend recently about my aspiration to become a Web Developer and his view was that Web Development is yet another dying trade. After looking into it, I fear that maybe he was correct. I think there is still a requirement for Web Developers, but is this still going to be the case in a few years when I graduate?

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