What does the future hold? No more human interaction?

After recently watching the film ‘Real Steel’, I was intrigued that maybe this is the future we are headed towards. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Real Steel is about an ex-boxer whose career, much like other boxers, is ruined due to the huge interest in Robot fighting. Instead of humans climbing into the ring to fight against one another, there is a whole league and a huge following for robots doing this instead. Masterminds aim to build the best fighter-bot and compete against others in either underground fights or official league fights.

Could this possibly be the future? Will human interaction sports and activities be replaced by activities that happen between robots or ‘droids’? I think it is very possible since a lot of what we do has already changed due to technology. Computers, the internet, video games, mobile phones – they have all affected the way we interact with one another and the activities in which we partake. The world has changed a lot in recent decades and maybe human interaction is set to evolve even further.