Turning Your Hobby Into A Career

Is making your hobby your career-choice a bad move?

As you might know, I’m very interested in Web Development and have been designing and developing sites as a hobby for a number of years. I’m currently studying an IT course at college and I am looking at a Web Development course at University. However, this got me thinking – would I still enjoy it as much if I had to do it?

After searching for the opinion of others and reading about it, a lot say choosing their hobby as their career has in fact ruined it for them. However, there are a few that say they love their job as they are doing what they enjoy most on a daily basis. Do you have a hobby you would love to start a career in? Or did you make this choice and regret it?

Share your thoughts, do you think choosing your hobby as a career is a good idea? Or is it a recipe for disaster?