Korean Speaking Elephant

Koshik the Korean Elephant spent 5 years of his youth at Everland Zoo in South Korea. Being the only elephant at the zoo, he had built a social life with the human visitors of the zoo. Scientists have recently started running tests on Koshik due to his strange ability of mimicking human speech! Scientists report that after translating recordings of the Korean elephants speech, he has the ability to sound words such as “hello”, “sit down”, “no”, “lie down” and “good”. Unfortunately, although Koshik can mimic these words, there is no evidence to prove that the intriguing mammal can understand or be aware of the meaning behind them.

So although Mandarin may be the most spoken language in the world, Korean is the language preferred by Koshik the Elephant.


British Ambassador can’t catch!

While David Cameron was attending a ‘question and answer’ session in Dubai, his mobile phone began ringing. Attempting to avoid the interruption, he tossed the phone at the British Ambassador. A failing attempt to catch the phone caused it to land in the lap of a dignatory.

Does the Prime Minister ever make the news for good reasons?!

Windows Live Messenger – The End

Are you a Windows Live Messenger (WLM – previously known as ‘MSN’) user? Or have you moved on to better things – like Skype for example? As of March 2013, WLM will be switched off worldwide (with the exception of China) for good. At the beginning of 2012, WLM’s existence was still looking bright and promising. However, over recent months they had fallen to just 8.3 million unique users. This may still sound like a lot but it is in fact a 48% drop year-on-year. However, Skype’s user-base continues to grow.

MSN (the original name of WLM) was launched in 1999 and has made great history for Microsoft. The only real contender for most of the last 13 years was Yahoo! Instant Messenger. However, since the dawn of Skype, there just seems to be no place for WLM anymore.

Microsoft do not seem bitter of their seemingly choice-less decision and are offering a tool to migrate contacts from WLM to Skype to ease the changeover.

Questions of the Universe – Answered?

I read a great news story today claiming Chile are preparing the opening of the world most sophisticated telescope. Costing a staggering $1.3 billion and due to opened next year, they are intending to use this new-found equipment for deep-space probing to collect more information to answer our ever-growing list of questions about the universe.

I wonder, could this be the end to the Big Bang Theory V.S. Religion argument?