Windows Live Messenger – The End

Are you a Windows Live Messenger (WLM – previously known as ‘MSN’) user? Or have you moved on to better things – like Skype for example? As of March 2013, WLM will be switched off worldwide (with the exception of China) for good. At the beginning of 2012, WLM’s existence was still looking bright and promising. However, over recent months they had fallen to just 8.3 million unique users. This may still sound like a lot but it is in fact a 48% drop year-on-year. However, Skype’s user-base continues to grow.

MSN (the original name of WLM) was launched in 1999 and has made great history for Microsoft. The only real contender for most of the last 13 years was Yahoo! Instant Messenger. However, since the dawn of Skype, there just seems to be no place for WLM anymore.

Microsoft do not seem bitter of their seemingly choice-less decision and are offering a tool to migrate contacts from WLM to Skype to ease the changeover.


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