Tablets… They’re everywhere! Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, so many companies are jumping on the bandwagon. I first heard about the idea of a tablet in 2010 not long after the original iPad was released. It seemed like a good idea but I never thought they would become as huge as they have. I was interested in them, but just saw them as over-sized mobile phones. Isn’t that all they are? Maybe a ‘super-powered’ mobile phone could come in handy sometimes though.

I was looking into getting one recently and currently, the iPad 2 (16gb, black) is retailing at around £330.00. This is very expensive for a device that does exactly the same thing as my laptop. So not only have I paid for my laptop, but I’d be paying an extra £330.00 for a small touchscreen version? I’m not so sure about that.

I’ve always kept up-to-date with phones, so I know that if you want the latest, you have to pay the price. But I’d have thought the price of the iPad 2 would have dropped by now. The iPad Mini has been released now though so who knows? Maybe the iPad 2 will be a more considerable price soon!


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