Glastonbury Festival

For those of you who don’t know what Glastonbury Festival is, check this out before reading on.

I’ve been interested in attending a festival for many years and recently I have definitely considered heading over to one. My music taste varies hugely but Glastonbury does play a lot of what I like. After recently hearing that The Rolling Stones are in fact going to be headlining at Glastonbury, I wish I had gone ahead and arranged going this year! I should really start actually doing things, rather than just telling myself I have to do that… “one day”.


Old habits die hard

Recently, I have found myself sitting on social network sites, browsing pointless websites and searching google to find the most random results. Boredom has overcome me and I found myself in search of something to do. A new project… A new interest… Perhaps, new people? Afterall, only a boring person gets bored?

However, I chose nothing new. I have reverted back to something I have done before to ease my boredom. I have begun gaming again. I have returned to¬†EVE Online. For those of you who haven’t heard of EVE-O, you can find out more information about it at or by clicking¬†here.

A quick review would tell you that EVE Online is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game) set many years in the future. After humans had discovered the ability to wander further from Earth through wormholes, civillizations were created far across the universe. The wormhole collapsed causing the “settlers” to be trapped. Split into 4 different races (evolutions of humans), they each have their own goals and ways of life.

I’m sure many of you are wondering whatever could interest me in this game. However, alongside millions of other people — I’m hooked.

Christmas comes but once a year…

Christmas comes but once a year – and even that seems too often! I’m not a humbug, at all. As a child, I always enjoyed Christmas. However, as I’ve grown older, I have realised that Christmas has come to be based entirely around advertising and a means of companies raking in extreme amounts of profit. It may just be me being nostalgic, but as a child, of course I remember the non-stop adverts which were obvious attempts by retail companies trying to make money. However, I also remember the adverts that intrigued me and excited me during Christmas time. However, I have not seen many “fun” Christmas adverts or happenings recently. Maybe I’m just getting old? Or is the world just getting greedier?

Turning Your Hobby Into A Career

Is making your hobby your career-choice a bad move?

As you might know, I’m very interested in Web Development and have been designing and developing sites as a hobby for a number of years. I’m currently studying an IT course at college and I am looking at a Web Development course at University. However, this got me thinking – would I still enjoy it as much if I had to do it?

After searching for the opinion of others and reading about it, a lot say choosing their hobby as their career has in fact ruined it for them. However, there are a few that say they love their job as they are doing what they enjoy most on a daily basis. Do you have a hobby you would love to start a career in? Or did you make this choice and regret it?

Share your thoughts, do you think choosing your hobby as a career is a good idea? Or is it a recipe for disaster?

The Evolution of Social Networks

Some of you may have read my post about the end of Windows Live Messenger. This got me to thinking of how Social Networks have evolved over recent years. Bebo, MySpace, LinkedIn, Tagged, Google+, Facebook, Twitter… They are just a few of the social networks we all know of. Some have come-and-gone and some are holding their place within the market. But what is going to be the next innovation? Although Twitter was launched before Facebook, it did not grab its spot in the limelight until after Facebook grew to become so huge. My question is – what is next? Are we actually going to have a social network that keeps on top of the innovations or are the current social networks going to be stuck in the same loop in which its predecessors are trapped – just another has-been?

I personally am excited to see what the current or future social networks are going to have to offer that we don’t already have. Maybe some of you already have plans of the next big thing? Maybe I’m being ignorant and the next big thing is in fact already launched and growing as I type this. I guess in this case, it is just a case of waiting to see what the future brings us.

What does the future hold? No more human interaction?

After recently watching the film ‘Real Steel’, I was intrigued that maybe this is the future we are headed towards. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Real Steel is about an ex-boxer whose career, much like other boxers, is ruined due to the huge interest in Robot fighting. Instead of humans climbing into the ring to fight against one another, there is a whole league and a huge following for robots doing this instead. Masterminds aim to build the best fighter-bot and compete against others in either underground fights or official league fights.

Could this possibly be the future? Will human interaction sports and activities be replaced by activities that happen between robots or ‘droids’? I think it is very possible since a lot of what we do has already changed due to technology. Computers, the internet, video games, mobile phones – they have all affected the way we interact with one another and the activities in which we partake. The world has changed a lot in recent decades and maybe human interaction is set to evolve even further.

Choose what you read…

So I’ve decided I’m going to offer you the chance to decide on what gets posted here next. Whether it be a guide on winning the egg-and-spoon race, how to install an operating system or your wife’s top ten tips on keeping the toilet seat clean. Whatever you would like written here, will be written here! Contact me by clicking here. I don’t expect any content from you, so don’t panic if you don’t have the time to write it. Get your ideas in soon though, I want to get some published!

Now’s your chance to really choose what you read. Choose wisely! ;-)

Note: If you do want to send in some of your own content, please do feel free.

No room in the market for more Web Developers?

Ever since I was young, I have really enjoyed creating websites. I know there is no chance of me going professional yet since my knowledge is still lacking. I know HTML, CSS and some JavaScript/PHP. Recently, I’ve been looking into learning more and moving onto AJAX and the likes to help me with my future goals. However, after looking around for Web Development jobs (purely out of curiousity), it seems that so many people make this career choice! Is it because it’s easy? Is it because it is well-paid? Or maybe it’s because the future is based around computers and websites, well.. they’re inevitably everywhere!

I was peaking to a friend recently about my aspiration to become a Web Developer and his view was that Web Development is yet another dying trade. After looking into it, I fear that maybe he was correct. I think there is still a requirement for Web Developers, but is this still going to be the case in a few years when I graduate?

Do you need a Web Designer and Developer? Contact me and I will see what I can do for you!

Korean Speaking Elephant

Koshik the Korean Elephant spent 5 years of his youth at Everland Zoo in South Korea. Being the only elephant at the zoo, he had built a social life with the human visitors of the zoo. Scientists have recently started running tests on Koshik due to his strange ability of mimicking human speech! Scientists report that after translating recordings of the Korean elephants speech, he has the ability to sound words such as “hello”, “sit down”, “no”, “lie down” and “good”. Unfortunately, although Koshik can mimic these words, there is no evidence to prove that the intriguing mammal can understand or be aware of the meaning behind them.

So although Mandarin may be the most spoken language in the world, Korean is the language preferred by Koshik the Elephant.

British Ambassador can’t catch!

While David Cameron was attending a ‘question and answer’ session in Dubai, his mobile phone began ringing. Attempting to avoid the interruption, he tossed the phone at the British Ambassador. A failing attempt to catch the phone caused it to land in the lap of a dignatory.

Does the Prime Minister ever make the news for good reasons?!